Terms of Use

Terms of use «RON-PHONE»

Dear Customer!

• «RON-PHONE» thanks you for visiting our on-line shop (hereinafter referred as ‘Web site’).

• «RON-PHONE» is a private company which is engaged in delivery, marketing and sale of mobile devices and their accessories. It is possible to purchase our goods by wholesale or by retail both in Israel and abroad.

• These Terms constitute an agreement between «RON-PHONE» and you. We recommend familiarizing with the Terms which would allow correct use of services on the Web site.

General Terms:
• By using services of this Web site you confirm your consent to the Terms.

• Every purchase and delivery of the goods through this Web site is performed in accordance with the Terms.

• The Terms shall apply to all genders. The reference to masculine gender is used for linguistic reasons.

• Customer shall mean – the company or other conventional person, plural or singular compellation, «RON-PHONE» and «RON-PHONE.CO.IL.» as well as directors, employees, shareholders and other representatives of the company.

  retains the right to change the Terms without prior notification of the customers.

• «RON-PHONE» shall not be responsible for the content of other internet sites that may be referenced on the Web site.

• «RON-PHONE» shall not be responsible for the probability to meet information containing pornographic issues on the Web site.

• The right to make a purchase is only accessible to customers over 18 years old.

• «RON-PHONE» undertakes the most serious measures to prevent unauthorized entry into the trading system and damage to client’s confidentiality. Alongside with that, there is always a probability of malfunctions (despairs?). By using services of our web site you consent not to lay any claims or suits against our company in regards the malfunctions (despairs) mentioned above.

• Pictures are provided for illustration only.


• To enter the website there is a need to obtain a personal password. In case of suspicion that you password has been used by someone else please refer to our Customer Services Department.

Intellectual Property rights

• «RON-PHONE» retains the copyright in the design of this Web site and its breach may result in legal prosecution.

• If not mentioned otherwise, all prices on the website shall include VAT(value added tax).

Making-out up of an order:
• To make an order in the approved manner there is a need to fill in all the necessary information in the order form in a correct and precise way.

• It is possible to make an order immediately after completing the order form.
• The main condition for the purchase of the product it is its appearance in the warehouse of «RON-PHONE»

• To initiate your order it is necessary to enter the required data into the on-line Purchase Order in due manner.
• The order may be realized immediately upon filling of the Purchase Order.
• The mandatory condition of the purchase – product's availability in the «RON-PHONE» stocks.

Product delivery:

• In Israel:
• The product shall be delivered within 7 days of the advance payment date (see further below).
• Self-haul: Self-haul may be carried out following the final payment from the «RON-PHONE» warehouse located at the address as follows: st BEN EHUDA 38, TEL-AVIV (upon preliminary agreement 24 hours before the actual self-haul time, by phone: (077-336-336-2)

Abroad: Our representative shall get in touch to discuss terms and conditions of payment and delivery.
• General: should «RON-PHONE»  have dispatched the product duly ordered and registered, but the hand-over failed due to your absence, by virtue of the "Consumer Protection" Law, Article 14, you shall be liable to reimburse the delivery expenses, including delivery fees, package cost and other expenses and liabilities which, as perceived by the Supplier, have been rightfully sustained to complete or terminate the deal.

Product delivery delay:

• «RON-PHONE»  " shall not be held responsible for delays in product delivery provided they have been the result of the force majeure circumstances it cannot possibly foresee or influence, such as: strikes, PC or telephone networks failures, communication breakdowns, problems sending/receiving electronic mail, sabotage and other subversive activity, security risk events, disasters of both natural and artificial nature (wars, earthquakes, weather conditions, etc.), as well as any other hampering the product ordering / registration / delivery process. Under any of the above the Supplier shall have the right to inform the Buyer of partial/full termination of the deal, thus terminating all payment liabilities of the Buyer.

Payment methods:

• Lamp payment: upon delivery to the courier or upon self-haul in the company's office.
• Credit Card.

• Upon delivery make sure the product is in desirable condition. Having commissioned the product you confirm it is absolutely fine.
• «RON-PHONE » warrants hi-tech products only.
• No warranty is given for accessories as follows: casings, earpieces, buttons, handset decorations (like hanging toys, stickers, etc.), spare parts, maintenance/repair instrumentation.

Product repair/replacement:
• « RON-PHONE » shall have the right to decide whether the product shall be repaired or replaced.

Purchase termination and product return:
• You shall have the right to return the product purchased on-line within 14 days of its delivery in its original packaging safe from any defects and/or wear.
• In order to return the product a written request shall be made e-mail ……….. To make sure you request has been successfully received call 077-336-336-2  In case of the deal termination you shall be liable for a forfeit amounting to 5% of the product/service price or NIS 100 (whichever less). In case the delivery has already been made, you shall return the product to the « RON-PHONE » warehouse in person or reimburse the back delivery fee.
• Should the product delivered be found defective you shall be exempt of any delivery, package, return and repair fees. In case you have been delivered a defective product, the Supplier shall have the right to offer you replacement of the defective product for the genuine one. In case you take the offer, you shall be delivered a new product instead of the returned one. If you choose to decline, the Supplier shall not charge you for the product, delivery, package, return and registration. In any case, it is for the Supplier only to decide whether the product is defective or not.

Court hearings:
• Court proceedings on your claims and this Charter's contents shall be exclusively under the Israeli jurisdiction. All cases and disputes shall be dealt with by Tel-Aviv courts.


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